Discover the latest menu additions at Nyonya House.

All that you are waiting for, the spicy and good taste of your growing up experience which you have missed, but found again.

Finish the meal with some sweet delicacy, as to remember your childhood memories. Nyonya waffles with choice of toppings are a treat not to be missed.

Complementing the meal with some sweet drinks, hot and cold? For those who enjoy the fizz, try some of the Malaysian flavours available at Nyonya House.

Excellent choices while you wait for the main meals or just for a scrumptious snack, our entree offers starters with "oomph".

Tasty salads and dishes to enjoy with your main dish or share with loved ones.

Superb morning meals to replenish the energy. Breakfast is served up to 11:30am daily.

Nyonya House offers a variety of beers and wine specially selected to pair with our main meals. Enjoy a local drink with your meal or try some of our popular Asian varieties.